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What do doctors give for gallbladder pain? Medication. An oral drug called ursodeoxycholic acid, also called ursodiol (Actigall, Urso), helps to dissolve cholesterol gallstones. It may be right for you if your pain goes away on its own or you don't have symptoms. It works on a small number of gallstones that are 2 to 3 millimeters in size only.
How long does gallbladder surgery take? Most people can return to their normal activities in 7 to 10 days. People who have laparoscopic gallbladder surgery are sore for about a week. But in 2 to 3 weeks they have much less discomfort than people who have open surgery.
Can gallstone attack last days? It's caused by gallstones in 95 percent of cases, according to the Merck Manual. An acute attack usually goes away within two to three days, and is completely resolved within a week. If it doesn't resolve within a few days, you may have a more severe complication.
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