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My doctor put me on Feldene for my ankylosing spondylitis about half a year ago. Before that I have been on other NSAID meds but Feldene is absolutely amazing. It helps as no other medication. My previous NSAID drug even caused me fatigue and diarrhea. As if my disease provided not enough problems for me... Feldene relieves my pain and makes me so much freer without causing additional problems. I haven't noticed any side effects during this 6 months that I am on it. Ankylosing spondylitis is a serious musculoskeletal disorder but contemporary medicine has gone that far that we have medications like Feldene that help if not reverse time, then at least considerably slow down the degenerative processes in out bones. I am 65 years of age and I no longer have that natural power in my body to resist illnesses and disorders. And I think that if it weren't for Feldene in a year or so I could find myself in a wheelchair. But I am sure I will stay active for a long time due to this wonderful medication.

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I work in an office and spend at least 8 hours sitting in from of my computer daily. And in spite of my age (I'm 26) I developed rheumatoid arthritis. At first it was not really bothering, just some minor pain under my left shoulder-blade. I even thought it was a consequence of some unusual physical activity. But the pain increased with time and became really annoying. I undergone a course of massage, but that didn't help much. So I went to a doctor and got rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis and Feldene prescription. The anti-inflammatory medication is really the best solution for such conditions. It quickly relieves the pain and prevents new attacks. I am not a big fan of regular medications. What is great about Feldene is that I have to take it only when my condition worsens. The relief is really quick and lasting.

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Even with prescription and documentation, treatment can't be despatched by way of regular transport companies. Medicines are topic to different regulations in every nation. There are some exceptions when delivery prescription drugs to a different country in Europe is allowed.
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